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Jeykll Island Geogia
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Just Outside Your Front Door

Outdoor Adventures

Driftwood Beach: Explore this picturesque beach known for its striking driftwood tree skeletons.
Bike Trails: Ride along the island's 20 miles of scenic biking trails.
Jekyll Island Fishing Pier: Try your hand at fishing or simply enjoy the coastal views.
Tidelands Nature Center: Kayak tours, nature trails, and educational exhibits.
Mini Golf: Play a round at the Jekyll Island Mini Golf Course.

Wildlife & Nature Exploration

Georgia Sea Turtle Center: Learn about sea turtle conservation and see these majestic creatures up close.
4-H Tidelands Nature Center: Offers programs about local ecology and marine life.
Birdwatching: Visit St. Andrews Picnic Area or wander through the island’s birding trails.
Horton Pond: Watch alligators in their natural habitat.

Historic Attractions

Jekyll Island Historic District: Tour the Jekyll Island Museum and the historic millionaire cottages.
Mosaic, Jekyll Island Museum: Discover the island's history through interactive exhibits.
Horton House: Visit one of Georgia's oldest tabby structures.
Faith Chapel: Admire the intricate architecture and Tiffany stained-glass windows.

Sports & Recreation

Golf: Play at one of the island's four golf courses, including the historic Great Dunes.
Jekyll Island Tennis Center: Book a court or take lessons at this award-winning facility.
Jekyll Island Soccer Complex: Great for soccer enthusiasts.

Relaxation & Leisure

Jekyll Island Club Resort: Unwind in luxury at this historic hotel.
Beach Day: Relax at Great Dunes Beach Park or any of the island's serene beaches.
Shopping & Dining: Explore unique shops and restaurants at Beach Village.
Summer Waves Water Park: Cool off with water slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools.

Family Activities

Jekyll Island Dolphin Tours: Take a guided boat tour to spot playful dolphins.
Jekyll Island Treasure Hunt: Search for hidden treasures with clues from the island’s visitor center.
Horseback Riding: Enjoy a beachside ride with Three Oaks Farm.

No matter your interests, Jekyll Island offers a diverse array of activities that can cater to every visitor’s preferences.

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