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Jeykll Island Geogia

Timeless Elegance & Sustainable Living

Welcome to Seaside Retreat, a visionary oceanfront neighborhood rooted in Jekyll Island's rich history and natural beauty. It is ensconced on a picturesque 6.9-acre site on the island's tranquil east side. This new neighborhood stands as a symbol of careful planning and responsible development.

Each of the 25 beautifully crafted single-family homes blends timeless elegance and modern sustainability with the enduring allure of coastal living. 

Jekyll Island is a cherished sanctuary celebrated for its unspoiled landscapes. Since its establishment as a State Park in 1947, no more than 35 percent of the island can ever be developed, ensuring that the island's natural splendor is preserved for generations to come. 

We invite you to explore Seaside Retreat–the final frontier of new construction on Jekyll Island.


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Lowcountry Inspired

Style Meets Sustainability

Each home within this exclusive community has been meticulously designed not just to exist within its surroundings but to flourish, thanks to a harmonious blend of nature and architectural ingenuity. Here, we've embraced the principles of sustainable living, ensuring that every aspect of our homes contributes to a minimal environmental footprint while elevating the standards of luxury living. It starts with the positioning of the home, taking into consideration shading, natural breeze corridors, and natural light to reduce the need for artificial internal lighting.

Seaside Retreat at Jekyll Island Street View
Artistic Rendering-Not for Construction Purposes
Natural Harmony
Seaside Retreat at Jekyll Island Home Elevation

Nature Meets Luxury: Your Dream Home Awaits

Inspired by the architectural heritage of the Lowcountry and the timeless elegance of the Golden Isles, the east side of the neighborhood boasts 14 homesites adorned with one-and-a-half-story residences. They feature expansive porches reminiscent of lazy summer afternoons and warm gatherings with loved ones. Meanwhile, the west side pays homage to the historic streets of Charleston and Savannah, with 11 homesites graced by two-and-a-half- and three-story homes, exuding sophistication and Southern charm.

Our Partners

We are thrilled with the development team assembled for Seaside Retreat at Jekyll Island. These esteemed industry leaders bring unparalleled expertise and innovation to our team, ensuring a community that is as remarkable in its design as it is in its execution. Together, we're setting new standards for excellence in residential development.

Civil Engineering
Landscape Design
Interior Design
Sales & Marketing
Ground Source Heating & Cooling